Upcoming Events

Mon, Aug 31 - Tue, Sep 1
District-Wide Event
Teachers Orientation
No students / All staff
Tuesday, September 1
HIB Self-Assessment Meeting
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Public Meeting • Grieco Media Center
Wednesday, September 2
Full day of school
Friday, September 4
Schools Closed
Labor Day Weekend
Monday, September 7
Schools Closed
Labor Day Weekend

Grieco Attendance Policy At-A-Glance

Poliza de Asistencia

Need to call your child out of school?
Attendance Phone Number:  (201) 862-6167

Anti-Bullying Reporting Procedures

EPSD has specific policies against harassment, intimidation and bullying and has procedures for handling such behavior.
Click here to learn more and to find out who to contact if you have experienced bullying

From the Principal

Grieco Superstars students, parents and staff!!

Can you believe it, the school year is almost over. The third marking period is behind us, and we are a few weeks away from the end of the 4th marking period.

Please encourage your children to continue to put their best foot forward as the school year comes to a close. Make sure they complete their homework, and read with them for a minimum of 20 minutes each night (Please try to make this time as enjoyable as possible!!!).

Let me take a moment to remind you of our dress code policy. Please ensure that your children are dressed in our school colors as you send them off each day. Thank you in advance for making this adjustment.

Just to inform you of a few items going on in our school: The first graders engaged in the Mayor's Book club, and it's time for the celebration!!! That will take place on June 9th at 9:30 AM. Some of our students and teachers have embarked on a community gardening project, ohhhh the math that is involved is awesome, can't wait for the product!!! We have a group of 3rd graders who write pen-pal letters to other 3rd graders in Tenafly and they will meet each other in a few weeks. We raised over $9,000.00 for the Jr. Diabetes Foundation, adopted a penguin and the list goes on!!! Yes, we are quite busy!!!

We will begin our moving up practices soon!!! In a few more weeks, our ceremony will take place at Dizzy Gillespie Auditorium on the DMHS campus!!! Our time together is flying by!!! Let us continue to work together, home/school, to ensure the success of all of our students.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any ideas or concerns you may have.

Let’s make it a most excellent end of the year!!


Ms. Small-Bailey, Principal
“I do believe you will make it a great year!!”